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St. Aloysius has been meeting children of Greater Cincinnati where they need us the most,starting as an orphanage after the Cholera pandemic of 1832.  Today, we serve young people ages 3 to 16 struggling with mental and behavioral health challenges, often from trauma.  

During this pandemic, we are creating innovative solutions to continue helping:

  • Children who have come to depend on St. Aloysius to cope with their trauma and the personal obstacles they face in their daily lives.
  • Children feeling increasingly isolated and overwhelmed, many back in environments that originally brought them into our care.
  • Children needing to continue moving forward with vital mental health therapy from St. Al’s caregivers they trust.

COVID-19 presents a new challenge for us.  It is vital to continue providing services to our vulnerable children, but the current restrictions are limiting our ability to give our children and families full access to our clinical teams.  Compounding their struggles is nearly all of them live at or below the federal poverty line.  Here are some of the creative ways we are continuing to serve them:

  • Supplying our children with Chromebooks to continue on-line learning to supplement the enrichment packets we sent home.
  • Utilizing Telehealth to continue therapeutic services and medication management through remote sessions.
  • Maintaining constant contact with our students to ensure they are safe and assessing their needs daily.

As the crisis continues, we are determined to continue serving our vulnerable kids as our clinical teams continue to develop innovative ways to reach them!  With these methods, we also feel like we will be uniquely positioned for the future if the virus reasserts itself this Fall.


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