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Ian came to us challenged with ADHD.  He had trouble focusing and following through with tasks.  He had difficulty determining what was important to act on and what could be ignored.  As he worked with us he learned how to ride on Idol, our Half Arabian pony.  He learned what to do, why to do it and when to do it as he learned to ride Idol at a walk, then trot, then canter.  He grew over the next year and he had to transition to Freckles, a beautiful Paint mare. Freckles taught him how to ask for a particular canter lead, to turn on the forehand and turn on the hindquarter, even sidepass across the arena - pretty advanced movements - all while riding bareback.  Ian was able to get a job at a restaurant, he was doing well in school and he graduated to being a volunteer so he could help others in our program.

LoriAnn began riding in the Spring of 2013.  She was so tight due to Cerebral Palsy, she could only ride for 10 minutes before needing a break.  She also needed someone to ride with her to support her as she could not sit up alone - yet.  In the fall of 2014 she began to ride without her back supporter and now in 2015 she is beginning to halt Jewel, our beautiful Arabian mare, using a neck rope.  Oh yes, she sits up very nicely now and is beginning to take steps.

Your support keeps our riders riding.  Each has an amazing story to share of goals reached and success achieved in focus, balance, cognitive ability, self-esteem allowing our riders to be more successful in their daily lives.

People challenged physically, mentally and/or emotionally all benefit from therapeutic riding.  They gain strength to sit up and talk, they gain flexibility and balance to better walk and run, they gain better abiltiy to focus as they guide their horse to do tasks. And although it is a powerful therapy, it is also something fun they can do and be successful with.

Idol, Dakota, Freckles, Jewel, Liber-T and Lulu are very special horses that give every week so their riders can be successful with balance, coordination, focus, attention, flexibility and strength.  They get the very best hay, grain, supplements and health care we can provide - BUT it all costs money.

Board costs are $220 per horse per month.  But it doesn't stop there - add supplements, grain, hoof care every six weeks and the numbers add up.  

Your donation will keep our horses healthy and our riders riding.

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