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According to the CDC, teen pregnancy and childbearing bring substantial social and economic costs through immediate and future impacts on teen parents and their children. St. Ann's comprehensive services are designed to counter those costs by improving both short- and long-term health and educational outcomes for teen mothers and their children.

Carla was referred to St. Ann's in 2008 at age 16 after she fled with her infant son, Tomas, from an abusive situation.  Although she was a devoted mother to her son, she spoke English poorly and had no means of supporting herself and Tomas.

Carla enrolled in St. Ann's fully accredited high school and quickly began to improve her English language skills.  She worked her way through the high school curriculum and proved to be a very capable student.

Her son thrived in St. Ann's Developmental Chid Care Center. As he got older, Tomas especially enjoyed watching St. Ann's building engineer make repairs and was thrilled to receive his very own "tool set."

After three years of living and learning at St. Ann's, Carla graduated in June 2011 and she and Tomas moved into  transitional housing.  She is currently enrolled in college and Tomas attends a top-notch pre-school program.

Together, St. Ann's Teen Mother-Baby and Child Care Programs gave Carla and her son the opportunity to gain the skills they need to succeed in a safe and loving environment.

For every child who is protected from abuse, for every teen mother who finishes her high school education rather than dropping out, for every preschooler who receives developmentally appropriate child care and is ready to be successful in school, and for every young mother and child with a safe place to live, public resources that would otherwise have been spent to remedy the long-term effects of these issues are saved. The community benefits from St. Ann’s programs because we are breaking the cycles of poverty and abuse that cost so much, in lives and dollars.


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