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The following are comments shared by graduates of the STAR Process:

It saved my life. It was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.

STAR is the most profound healing experience I’ve had so far. And I’ve been on this journey for a while now. This was the greatest gift I could have given myself. I’ve unlocked the treasures that are within me and let go of the crap that I learned in my family.

I thought it was exactly what I needed for intense work & quicker progress than I could ever achieve in the 50 minute hour in a therapist’s office.

I have done so much therapy and self help over the last 25 years that I was skeptical of how much I would learn or get out of STAR. I got so much the 1st night that I decided if that was all I got – it would be worth it!

It was difficult at times. I was worried it wouldn’t work, that I wouldn’t change. I had an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I learned so much I didn’t know about myself and I am ready to stand in my truth! Everyone was supportive and so much fun. Thank you to everyone!

It saved my life.

I know of no other program so rooted in reality and fact that touches your soul so deeply. STAR melds what really works with what each participant uniquely needs to move forward positively in a lasting way.

I had very high expectations but STAR exceeded them by far. The staff, participants, everything was just The Best? I feel I can now live rather than just survive and suffer in silence. It allowed me to drop down and really listen to the wisdom with in me.

I was skeptical of the whole concept of STAR until day 2. After that… what a ride! I feel empowered & adequately prepared to go forward & live my life with strength, confidence, & happiness.

It was the most love I have ever felt in one place. The staff gave me all of 200% of their time & gifts. The facets of the program were interesting, innovative & right on.

I was a highly mechanical person before STAR, with no way to break out of my own thoughts. STAR helped me get in touch with my feelings in a way I never could have imagined. I have my heart back!

My experience was beyond words. I came here very scared about falling apart. Here I fell apart and I felt all the feelings I’d shut off for so long. This was a safe lap to fall onto. I learned to tell my truth quicker and it was okay to do so. No one left me. They were still there.

As an individual who sees life in black & white, I thought STAR would be hard for me to relate to. Was I wrong from day one. You all validated who I was, and because of that I was able to trust and express myself like never before. I have found inner peace so I can live again.

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