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For over forty years, SUPER SUMMER THEATRE – a non-profit organization – has provided an unduplicated opportunity for affordable, outdoor family entertainment in Southern Nevada through our performances at Spring Mountain Ranch Park.  At the heart of our mission is expanding access to the arts.


In 2013, we welcomed our One Millionth attendee.  Reaching this milestone put us in a special place among outdoor community theater and one without equal in the Southwest.


Of those million attendees, approximately 25 percent were children.  Considering many families make annual visits to SUPER SUMMER THEATRE, it probably is still safe to say close to 200,000 youth in Southern Nevada have experienced a performance. 


For most of those youth, SUPER SUMMER THEATRE was their introduction to the performing arts.  And, because of the affordability of our performances (our most expensive tickets are only $15.95), had we not existed, most of these youth and their families would not have experienced the performing arts, because their family could not afford commercial options.  Outside of our schools, we have introduced the performing arts to more youth than any other organization in Southern Nevada.


We believe in the power of the arts to inspire children and often transform young lives.  The problem is that opportunities for youth to see and participate in the arts have been disappearing as school budgets are cut.  We need organizations like SUPER SUMMER THEATRE to fill the gaps.


Season after season, the popularity of SUPER SUMMER THEATRE has continued to grow, and, four decades after our first production, the demand for our shows remains very high.  Even during the Recession, our attendance was steady and, for the last several years, we have achieved nearly 40,000 attendees with most performances at or near sell-out capacity.


And, in 2014, demonstrating our Board’s commitment to advancement and sustainability, we secured permanent Rehearsal and Production space.  Centrally located, our Studios provide sufficient space for rehearsals, the development of sets and costumes, and meetings for every one of our productions.  In addition, we make these spaces available to other community performing arts organizations fulfilling an important community need.  And, our Studios house our Performing Arts Education Program to expand access to arts education and training to youth and adults in our community.


The challenge for SUPER SUMMER THEATRE is how to rising operational costs and annual maintenance needs without having greatly to raise ticket prices that would threaten our mission to be affordable and accessible.  And, ticket and concession sales cover only 70% of annual costs.


Through your support, SUPER SUMMER THEATRE will become stronger and more sustainable ensuring we continue to make performing arts of the highest quality and our unique outdoor experience accessible for generations to come.  We thank you for your consideration.


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