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"When you entrust the care of your loved one to a stranger, you are powerless; but Stoddard does not make you feel powerless." - Henry C. Purchase, President of Stoddard Family Councill.

Placing a loved one in a nursing home, especially a parent,
can be an arduous and painstaking decision. Feelings of guilt and sadness are not uncommon to primary caregivers for aging relatives.  

In many cultures, it is an honorable tradition to care for
an elderly family member. What better way to repay your loved one for their years of sacrifice, nurturing and support than to provide comfort and care for them as they age.

For Mr. Henry Purchase, that's exactly what it was. It was
an honor and a privilege to take care of his aging mother.   Realizing that his mother was no longer able
to live by herself, Mr. Purchase was fully prepared to give his mother any amount of care needed.  Mr. Purchase was truly a devoted and loving son!

Unfortunately, his mother required more extensive care than he anticipated.  Determined to find the best
quality care for his mother, Mr. Purchase visited nearly ten different nursing homes in the Washington, D.C. area.  
Unimpressed with the lack of professionalism and the general feeling of other nursing homes, Mr. Purchase continued his search.

In July of 2004, Mr. Purchase contacted Stoddard Baptist
Nursing Home, and by chance, spoke with Ms. Remy Johnson, then the Director of Admissions. Not wanting a dress rehearsal, Mr. Purchase asked one question
"Can I visit Stoddard now?" Ms. Johnson assured him that Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home would welcome his visit. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Purchase arrived.

Upon entering the "Home", Mr. Purchase recalled
"getting a good feeling" about Stoddard. Remy Johnson and the Resident Care Coordinator, were attentive and answered any questions that Mr. Purchase asked.

Initially, Mr. Purchase's sole purpose was to help
rehabilitate his mother for a month or so: but it was evident that his mother needed to remain in an environment such as Stoddard on a long term basis. Mr.
Purchase felt comfortable entrusting the care of his mother with Stoddard; but he was still troubled. He was hurt and wanted to repay his mother for all of her years of love and sacrifice; but he could not.

Understanding his hurt and pain, the Stoddard family
embraced and comforted him through this delicate transition. The staff understood every emotion that Mr. Purchase could have experienced. “Stoddard took all of
the apprehensions away."

Mr. Purchase could now rest comfortably; his mother was in
good hands at Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home. 
Once on an outing with his mother, Mr. Purchase recalled his mother commenting that she "wanted to go home". Naturally, Mr. Purchase assumed that she was referring to his house; but he was mistaken.  Mrs. Purchase
was referring to her new home—Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home. Mr. Purchase brought his mother back to Stoddard and she immediately smiled.

Sadly, in 2007 Mrs. Dorothy Purchase passed onto eternal
life; but her spirit prevails within her devoted son. Mr. Henry Purchase and his extended family members.

Today, Mr. Purchase is an advocate for Stoddard Baptist
Nursing Home. Serving as its Family Council President for the past few years, he has led a committee of 20-30 individuals in being a voice for the relatives of current Stoddard Baptist residents.

To meet Mr. Purchase is to understand his passion and
adoration for the care of seniors and to those who provide care.  Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home works closely
with the Family Council on a regular basis to address any concerns or suggestions that are presented.   Mr.
Purchase commented that "not one request has gone unfixed!"

Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home is grateful for supportive and loyal advocates such as Mr. Henry C. Purchase. 
His story is a testament to the unparalleled quality care and services that are provided at Stoddard Baptist.


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