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On December 2nd, 2016, Suncoast Animal League celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Our beginnings were humble, at best. Our first kitty was a black cat named Adam and our first dog was an older Beagle named Eve. And although we have grown a lot, as the saying goes, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Our physical status is still diminutive as we operate out of a 1,700 square foot, rented building. That space is shared with cats, dogs, volunteers and staff. We average 36 rescue calls a week, between domestic and wildlife calls. These calls are still responded to with our personal vehicles.


But within those small confines, miracles happen. We've had the privilege of being there when a family has brought a cat or dog into their lives for the very first time. We have also been saddened but honored to be trusted with the last pet that that a person will have in their lifetime. And we have been there thousands of times for everything in between.We are often counted upon to take the toughest cases, those animals with broken bodies and fractured spirits. 


Think of Annabelle, Ralphie, Clover, Belle & her Lightning Pups, Petunia, more than 130 cats and dogs from Puerto Rico. Those are just a few of the big (and expensive) rescues from the past year. Let's not forget the "121" puppy mill rescue, Angel, Joey, Frank, the Monroeville dogs, the Fab Five, Brady, the Potato Pups, Nikki, Aiden and countless cats and dogs rescued from a hoarders. You have read about them, you have met them, you have touched them and some of you have even brought them into your homes. 

Now imagine, if we weren't able to help because of expenses. As our stature in the community has grown, so have our medical bills. In 2017, they peaked at a monthly average of more than $21,000. They now currently run approximately $14,000 each month. On May 1st, Suncoast Animal League will once again participate in "Give Day Tampa Bay." Give Day is 24 hours of online "Giving!" It is an easy and simple way to make donations that will help us maintain our standard of care that has saved so many lives. With your support, "Give Day" has the potential to be our largest fundraising event of the year. Not only that, but your donations can help us win a possible $25,000 in cash bonus prizes.

"Give Day Tampa Bay" is about helping dreams come true. Imagine THE POTENTIAL of "Give Day." And with 118,000 followers, forgive us if we dream REALLY BIG for one day. Sweet dreams!


*Although the day is referred to as "Give Day Tampa Bay,"you don't have to live in the Tampa Bay area to participate. In fact, if you live out of the state or even out of the country, you can still help our cause by making a donation.

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