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"[My mentor] is the best TeamMate in the world. She is cheerful. She makes me hopeful. She always cheers me on to do my vary [sic] best. She helps me do my vary [sic] best at school. She cares about me. She cares about my learning. She is the best. She cares about how I feel. She never gives up. She never cares about what I look like unless I am pretty then she compliments me."

-Payten, Age 10

TeamMates Mentee


The mission of TeamMates Mentoring Program is to positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring. 

Community volunteers meet their student at school once a week during the school year to listen, encourage, play games, or just chat. 

When students meet with their TeamMates mentor 24 or more times during the school year:

55% have improved grades,

84% experience fewer discipline referrals and

75% have fewer unexcused absences.


Make A Financial Contribution:
While Lincoln’s cost to sustain a match is below the national average, it takes an investment of  $437 annually to support an active mentor-mentee match.

The TeamMates program has grown to serve more than 1,150 students. Donations go to support the mentor/mentee matches currently meeting and to recruit and train new mentors. 

Become A Mentor:

There are currently more than 750 additional Lincoln children waiting for a mentor. You could be an inspiration to one of them.

A weekly visit during the academic year can make a big difference to a young person. Most students just need someone to listen to them, celebrate their successes, or discuss and problem solve challenges while chatting or playing a board game. When you mentor a child, you build confidence, inspire positive choices, and create hope for a better future.

There is a young person in Lincoln who would love to have you on his or her team! Apply to become a mentor at


Founded in 1991 by Dr. Tom Osborne and his wife Nancy, the goal of the TeamMates  is to see kids graduate from high school and pursue a post-secondary education.

Lincoln is the first and largest chapter in the TeamMates Mentoring Program which has grown from the original 22 football players to now support students in chapters across the Midwest. 

Donations to Lincoln TeamMates help our program to continue to impact the future of youth in our community and the quality of life in Lincoln.

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