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Techbridge Girls excites, educates, and equips girls through STEM.


In elementary school, girls say they like science. In middle school, girls score the same as boys in science classes. In high school, they enroll in the same science classes as boys. But by the time they're ready to decide what kind of job to go after, most girls just don't see themselves working as scientists, technologists or engineers.  

Today, less than 12% of all US engineers are women, and only 2% are women of color.  Techbridge Girls is working to change that.


Techbridge Girls has been delivering after-school STEM education programs to underserved girls for sixteen years.  We were one of the first organizations to pioneer STEM education programs for girls and minorities, and have earned national recognition.  Our uniquely comprehensive approach includes introducing girls to a broad array of STEM disciplines -- not just coding, but also structural, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering through fun hands- on activities.  In addition we engage and train teachers, parents and role models, and bring girls on life-changing field trips to local STEM employers.


A longitudinal study commissioned by the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation found that girls who paritipcate in Techbridge programs:

  • Graduate from high school at higher rates
  • Earn higher overall GPA's
  • Take advanced math classes such as AP Calculus at higher rates and earn higher average grades in the course
  • Are TWICE as likely as the national average to choose STEM majors in college

Last year, a post-program survey of all girls and teachers who participated in Techbridge showed:

  • 96% of Techbridge girls agree that engineering is a good career for women.
  • 98% of parents say that because of Techbridge, their daughter's confidence in science, technology and engineering has grown.
  • 100% of teachers say that Techbridge's girl-only environment positively affects girls' willingness to try new technology and science activities. 


Techbridge Girls delivers weekly after-school programs to girls in grades 5-12 at public schools in low-income communities.   For many girls across the country, our lessons are their very first opportunity to tinker with a circuit, write a computer program, and conduct an experiment.  Roughly 60% of our families report an annual household income below $40,000, and a large proportion (35%) are considered English language learners.  


We work with school staff and administration to recruit girls who will benefit the most from Techbridge Girls. We partner with teachers, training them and sharing best practices for teaching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

What makes Techbridge Girls different from other STEM education opportunities for girls? We've got connections.

We work with over 300 role models who work in science, technology and engineering. We train women (and men!) to share their stories with our girls. We help these role models host amazing field trips at their workplaces, so Techbridge girls can see for themselves how awesome it is to work in STEM. We also provide opportunities for role models to visit our after-school programs, to lead activities with girls and share more about their careers and experiences.


  • Named "Most Influential in STEM" in 2015 by the National AfterSchool Association.
  • Winning participant in the White House’s US2020 Competition
  • 2014 Educator Award from the National Center for Women & Information Technology

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