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Teen Advisors, Inc. seeks to empower, train, and equip local teenagers to be leaders, influencers, and role models for their peers, ultimately leading to a healthier, safer, and more unified community. 

Teenagers of all walks of life deal with lots of serious life issues, challenges, and social pressures every day: depression, drugs and alcohol, guns/weapons, vandalism, social groups/gangs, dating violence, sexuality, social media, bullying, self-harm, academic pressure/stress, parents divorcing, loss of loved ones, relationships; the list goes on and on. 

Teens also have tremendous influence on one other and negative peer pressure is often one of the most powerful and pervasive catalysts for the destructive, risky, and illegal choices and actions made by teenagers today. 


While teenagers often influence each other in negative ways, they can also be amazing catalysts for change in their own schools, homes, and communities. Teen Advisors, Inc. strives to unify and amplify that voice of positive influence by providing a unique platform where teens can make a real difference in the lives of their peers. 


Teen Advisors, Inc. impacts and empowers youth in our community to live with character and integrity, and model lives of healthy living and wise decision making for their peers. Our students pledge to abstain from drugs, alcohol, tobacco use, and sexual activity and also to live with integrity and character while encouraging and influencing their peers to do the same. Our Teen Advisor students offer advice, support, and counsel to their peers throughout the school year.

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