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THC was founded in 1990 as a faith-based homeless services organization through a partnership between several DC organizations and Christ Lutheran Church, DC. Over the last 21 years, THC has become Washington, DC’s largest Episcopal housing agency serving homeless families, with expanded housing services that in 2011 will include transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, homeless prevention and rapid re-housing programs, and permanent affordable rental housing. Supportive and resident services are offered as part of all four housing programs, tailored to the needs of the families served. For its first 10 years of operation, THC focused solely on the provision of transitional housing and supportive services in DC’s Ward 4. In 2004 THC’s board adopted a strategic vision calling for THC to expand and develop permanent affordable housing programs in order to provide needed housing opportunities and supportive services to its Partner Arms transitional housing graduates and other homeless families in the DC metropolitan area. In 2008, THC expanded the services we offer DC families again by opening our third transitional housing building, Partner Arms 3 in Ward 7, and by starting our Housing with Care permanent supportive housing program.  In THC’s 20 years of service, we have expanded our programs to meet the ever growing housing needs of families in the DC community.  In 2011, THC will be serving more than 300 families through our housing programs and support services. 

THC’s core expertise, developed over the last 21 years, is (1) development and management of multi-unit properties for use in affordable, transitional and supportive housing programs, including the ability to raise funds from both public and private sources and (2) development of program services - including life skills, employment training and counseling, substance abuse counseling and child advocacy - that help families transition from homelessness to stability and independence.


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