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ACJF was created in 1993 by a group of lawyers who recognized the need to address critical problems facing Alabama’s most disadvantaged citizens and help to turn their shared visions for social justice into reality. Since then the ACJF has worked to create a more civil and justice society, a vision that would lead to the opportunity for all citizens to have adequate food and shelter, good health care, a quality education, access to justice within the courtroom, and the chance to work and earn a living.

Our work is primarily accomplished through the thoughtful awarding of grants to nonprofits through the state.  ACJF has awarded nearly nine million dollars.  These grants have been investments in innovative initiatives that improve lives, build better communities and empower nonprofits.

Our grants have gone to numerous local programs delivering direct services to young and old such as shelter for homeless families, protection from abuse for vulnerable children, protection for victims of domestic violence and the elderly, education enrichment for students having trouble keeping up in class, and food for those whose stomachs are empty.  Local organizations ACJF has partnered with include Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Child Advocacy Centers, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Easter Seals, and Volunteer Lawyers Programs.

ACJF grants have also gone to support far-reaching efforts that are creating major change across the state.  Our notable work includes providing the lead gift to establish the Alabama School Readiness Alliance aimed at increasing state funding for quality pre-k education, providing seed funds to begin several Family Resource Centers that provide prevention services on an individual and community-wide basis, funding the initiation of a constitutional reform effort that has increased the volunteer efforts of attorneys in this important area, and funding the initiation of the Alabama Advocacy Institute through the Alabama Association of Nonprofits.

Other statewide organizations supported by ACJF include Alabama Poverty Project, Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, Legal Services Corporation, and VOICES for Alabama’s Children.

ACJF represents the heart and soul of Alabama attorneys who in their practice see individuals facing incredible barriers.  By partnering with the nonprofit community, ACJF is providing powerful assistance in the fight to create just and caring communities throughout Alabama.

ACJF has become recognized as a philanthropic leader in the state because of our philosophy and practice of grantmaking.  Our work is led by an outstanding board of directors that includes lawyers and community leaders appointed based on their expertise and support for ACJF’s vision.

Many of our grants allow nonprofits to use our funds for operating expenses which is among the greatest need of nonprofits.  We also support efforts that help nonprofits to build the capacity of their organization to work efficiently and effectively toward its mission.  What this says to a potential donor is that a contribution to ACJF means your dollars will be used strategically toward some of the main issues facing our state and in ways that most effectively support organizations with a track record of success.

ACJF has received direct contributions from lawyers, law firms and numerous others who support our work totaling close to three million dollars. A primary funding source for ACJF comes from IOLTAs (Interest On Lawyers Trust Accounts), a unique mechanism of the legal system.  Currently IOLTAs are earning historically low interest rates and the need to increase our interest through donations is greater than ever!!

AL Gives Day is a great opportunity for all who support ACJF and want to help us continue to strategically improve life for the many disadvantaged children and families in our state.  We ask that you make a contribution on February 2 to ACJF so barriers to a civil and just society can continue to be eliminated for those in need.

Learn more about ACJF from our web-site: or give us a call at 334-263-3003.


ACJF has awarded grants for services that reach into every county in the state including the Black Belt Counties and other rural areas.  ACJF has also awarded grants to outstanding organizations serving those in need in cities including the following:  Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville.

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