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Our mission is to encourage and nurture youth to live beyond their socially imposed limitations; to develop their character, talents, and leadership skills, allowing them to go beyond a dream and achieve remarkable excellence. We provide social-emotional development, STEM enrichment programs, and college readiness support by way of after-school programs, pop-up events, and youth conferences. As a Black-led and Black-benefiting nonprofit organization, we take pride in fostering change through opportunity and empowerment in our beloved city of Baltimore.

Your Donations Count!

When you give to The today, you are creating more opportunities for youth in Baltimore to live beyond socially imposed limitations, develop character, and develop leadership skills so they can achieve remarkable excellence. You also become a part of a larger movement called #Give828. August 28th is the only day dedicated to giving to Black-led nonprofits. Will you help us empower youth while making funding for Black-led organizations the norm?

What Can Your Donation Do?

While every dollar goes directly towards furthering the Be. Org's mission, here are some examples of what your donation can mean for Baltimore youth:

An informational graphic with a green brackground shares information on how much each donation does. $100 supports one student in the Character Education Program with a graphic of a stack of books below.  To the right, the infographic reads $250 supports one student in the Girls Empowerment Academy with the image of a group of girls to accompany it. To the right, the infrographic has images of an apron, proton and science beaker noting that $300 supports one students in the Food Playground. To the right, the inforgraphic has a graphic of a video game controller and notes $500 supports one student in the Be. Virtual Program. onBlack STEM charities Charities to donate to Youth racial justice organizations Charities for black youth education Black non profit organizations African American Charity Organizations

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