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CESOSS is a small, community-driven and community-supported organization that focuses on the protection and preservation of land, water, and traditions in the Valle de Atrisco (South Valley) and larger Middle Rio Grande region.  

At the heart of our nonprofit is the CESOSS Cultivando Nuestro Futuro Leadership Institute. This Institute works on connecting emerging young leaders with the importance of land and water traditions. Over the course of an academic year, we work closely with the interns in developing an action plan aimed at better understanding issues impacting the communities connected to land and water issues - e.g. water rights, acequia preservation, environmental justice issues, food justice, among many others.

Because we are a very small nonprofit, much of our work depends on direct community support and in-kind/volunteer-driven support. Any sized donation ensures that our work continues in the community! 

CESOSS Accomplishments and Highlights 2018

  • We are on our 6th successful cohort of emerging young leaders participating in our CESOSS Cultivando Nuestro Futuro Leadership Institute!
  • Our Leadership Institute has expanded! This year we are working with 10 new interns and 3 Team Leads. The Team Leads are former Institute interns who now have a teaching and mentoring role.
  • This year the CESOSS Leadership Institute has expanded into the high school level. We are working in collaboration with South Valley Academy and have a special high school cohort that meets weekly at the UNM campus. Our goal is to not only connect the students with land and water issues, but to also connect them with the university environment and available resources.
  • CESOSS continues to develop a Leadership Development framework - Macehual Framework - based on Indigenous knowledge and philosophy.
  • Another successful season for our CESOSS Acequia Talk & Walks! The goal of these events is to reconnect the larger community to acequia and agricultural traditions in the Valle de Atrisco community. This year we also organized special Acequia Talk & Walks for local Homeschool groups, UNM classes, and local high schools.
  • In collaboration with the South Valley Regional Association of Acequias (SVRAA), we continue to engage in revitalizing acequia culture and traditions and strengthening local acequia associations and are working on a Strategic Plan that has been presented to multiple stakeholders for their input.
  • As part of our continued garden work at Dolores Gonzales Elementary, we organized an Earth Day event and named the herb garden after la gran curandera Maclovia Sanchez de Zamora, QEPD.
  • We are currently working on publishing the Ciclos Culitvando Querencia curriculum into a shareable online version. This curriculum and framework was created by Alicia Chavez, a former Leadership Institute intern and now CESOSS Board Member and is based on acequia philosophies and traditions. Stay tuned!
  • 5th Annual CESOSS Fun Run & Acequia Celebration  & Acequia Celebration continues – this is our main fundraiser to support the continuation of our Leadership Institute!
  • CESOSS organizes a clean up day for the Armijo Acequia every year. Join us on Sunday, Oct. 21st at 10:30 am to give back to the community acequias by caring for them.
  • New episodes of Comunidad Presente will be launched soon – media project/podcast dedicated to bringing you the stories on critical issues from the Middle Rio Grande -
  • CESOSS continues to play a lead role, along with other ally organizations, in raising awareness regarding the Santolina development and continues to lead advocacy efforts in the protection of local water resources (visit
  • We continue to expand our programs and initiatives through significant in-kind and volunteer-driven support.

 Help us in continuing the success and progress of our small organization that is committed to the protection and preservation of traditions in our beautiful South Valley community!

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