The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation

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Diabetes Action has provided grants to over 230 separate research studies at universities and medical institutions across the United States. In addition to funding basic research to cure diabetes with gene therapies and beta cell transplantation, Diabetes Action funds research that examines how nutritional and complementary therapies may prevent and treat diabetes. Diabetes Action has funded innovative studies that include: * Cure of type 1 diabetes using a generic drug - Dr. Faustman, Massachusetts General Hospital * Cinnamon and chromium antioxidant studies - USDA Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center * Wheat Gluten as a Trigger in type 1 Diabetes - Virginia Tech * Antioxidants to improve islet cell graft function - UCLA * T cell vaccination to prevent type 1 diabetes - Dana Farber Cancer Institute * Antioxidants to prevent diabetic complications - University of California, San Francisco * B vitamins to treat hyperhomocysteinemia - University of California, Davis * Nutritional approaches to improve beta cell function - Joslin Diabetes Center * Acupuncture for treating neuropathy - Harvard Medical School * Chromium with Metformin Study - Bastyr/Washington State University * Lower Carbohydrate Diet - Jefferson University Source:

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The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation

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