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Over 1.6 billion people are affected by one or more of the most common neglected tropical diseases (NTD), and 800 million are children.

NTDs are a group of disabling, disfiguring, and deadly diseases affecting the poorest of the poor all over the world. Thriving in impoverished communities, particularly in rural areas, conflict zones, and urban slums, NTDs are a fundamental reason why the poor remain poor.

Fortunately, there are highly cost-effective, proven interventions for the most common NTDs. For approximately US $0.50 per person, per year for five years, these diseases can be prevented and treated – making the control and elimination of the five most common NTDs a reality in our lifetime. Controlling NTDs is considered a ‘best buy’ in both public health and education.

The END Fund is a private philanthropy fund that provides effective private sector interventions to reduce the prevalence of the five most common NTDs that, together, cause up to 90% of the NTD burden in sub-Saharan Africa. The END Fund provides the mobilization and financing for national-scale control initiatives—creating new programs, supplementing existing ones, and using leveraged funds to extend and deepen the impact.

In partnership with active, visionary and implementation partners on the ground, as well as in concert with the Ministries of Health, The End Fund will advance the race toward the elimination of NTDs, ushering in a more healthy and more prosperous future for Africa.

For further information on the END Fund, please visit our website at Let's END the neglect, together.

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