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In 2008, Marsha Fulton and Crystal Alegria began a research project that would change the way they thought about history. While researching the letters, documents and photographs of Fort Parker, the first Crow Indian Agency, Fulton and Alegria began to piece together a history that not only was not known, but in many ways, denied. The story of the early American Indian reservation period in the West. Fulton and Alegria knew that the story they were coming to understand had the potential to do a great deal of good for descendants of Fort Parker, the Crow tribe and the Bozeman / Livingston communities whose histories mingled with that of Fort Parker.

This work led to the creation of The Extreme History Project, an organization dedicated to understanding how authentic history has the potential to validate experience and identity.  

By telling an authentic story and connecting these historical events to contemporary issues, Fulton and Alegria believe that this history can open a dialogue that will unravel and reframe these events so the plight of modern descendant communities are better understood; a sense of empathy established, and a dialogue for moving forward initiated.

The Extreme History Projects works to change how the world looks at, thinks about, and makes use of its history in order to find new ways of looking at our present and our future. It is through the thrust of historical processes that have brought us to our current place. We must understand those processes to understand our present. We are our history!

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