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The FETCH Project was founded in an effort to bridge the gap between incarceration, society, and the community at large. We provide individuals with a competitive edge, developing strong marketable skills while incarcerated and providing them opportunities for stable employment upon release. We are committed to creating better lives, greater access to opportunities, and safer communities through the empowerment of those preparing to re-enter society as productive members of their community. 

Once an individual is accepted into our program, they are considered a dog training apprentice and work under a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. All apprenticeships start with an 8-week lecture series on advanced canine behaviour, working with clients in a helping profession, and essential business practices. Apprentices then complete a 12-week hands-on mentorship applying the skills learned in class. While our trainers work with us during their incarceration, they are actively working on writing behavioural case studies, teaching classes, and producing content for our YouTube channel. Our goal is to prepare successful graduates of our program for work in the dog training and animal care industry,  as they are often seeking employment with one of our community partners. We are also in the process of creating opportunities for graduates of our program to continue working for The FETCH Project upon release.

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