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At The Grove we believe that the process of change is central to the mission and the message of the church. God takes us as we are when we surrender our hearts to Him. But He is not content to leave us as He finds us. Scripture says that He wants to “transform us by the renewing of our minds.” The process of change that occurs as we follow God is continual and ongoing. The message of the Bible stands out as a radical alternative to the standard approaches to living that we see in the world around us. The prospect of real and lasting change, and a new and better way to live life, is the shining beacon that we represent in our community, our city, our region, and the world.

Jesus died to save all people. The incredible, powerful, revolutionary, transcendent message of what God has done for His beloved people belongs to the entire world. We demonstrate our gratitude to God by being diligent and dedicated messengers of this good news. We strive to deliver it with a spirit of love and humility into every corner of our city: to rich and poor, young and old, to those who have much, to those without a place to live, and to every ethnic group. We count it our immense blessing to be able to actively engage in sharing this message all over the world, especially in those parts of the world that have not been reached for Christ.


Biblical Truth – Guided and Shaped by God’s Word

The world around us is constantly changing. We will strive to present the message of Christ in a relevant way. We will adapt to the changing culture around us and use its language, art, and technology to express the powerful message of transformation and a distinctly different way of life available to those who choose to follow Jesus. At the same time, we are committed to the absolute validity and authority of God’s Word as a guideline for our ministry and our individual lives. The authority and relevancy of scripture is timeless. The Grove will always look to the Bible as our baseline of truth and our source of direction now and in the future.

Outreach – All People Matter to God

God has blessed us, that He might use us to bless others. We are compelled by God’s love to reach out into the world around us and generously share His rich blessings. We will be engaged in our community, our city, and our region, and will be an active force for change in our local area. We will commit ourselves to ministry in the world, especially to unreached peoples, and will go wherever God calls us with grateful hearts. We will serve Him even in the darkest corners of the world.

Relationships – All People Matter to Us

Our Christian faith is something that is to be experienced and lived out as a part of a community of believers. The Grove will prioritize and provide opportunities for members and visitors to connect with one another and experience their journey of faith together. We will love each other as a demonstration of our faith before a skeptical world and as an act of worship to God. We will be intentional in our efforts to include all of the diversity of our local community in our church, choosing to accept and love all people.

Teamwork – We Are Better Together

The Grove is a team. We believe that it is important for every follower of Jesus to have an opportunity to serve. When we find the special place that God has made for each of us to serve in ministry, we experience Him in a deeper way. We all desire to invest our time in meaningful ways. Nothing meets this need better than finding that special place to serve. The Grove will always maximize volunteers serving in ministry and will prioritize team ministry over personality driven ministry.

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