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The New Life Society is a 501(c)3 charity.  The Phoenix chapter was established in 1988 as the New Heart Society and later changed its name to the New Life Society in 2006 because it was felt the issues faced by transplant patients and caregivers are not unique to just heart recipients but are the same for all types of organ transplants.  Regardless of the type of transplant received almost everyone has issues regarding insurance challenges, Medicare and Medicaid, finances, legislation, effects of immunosuppressants, and even getting back into life after transplant.

Many of us joined The New Life Society when we first found out we needed a transplant and were feeling alone and frightened about our health and futures.  We found it was comforting to meet others who have successfully lived through the process of a transplant.  Others joined as a result of their desire to give back to their community after they or a loved one received a Gift of Life through organ transplantation.  Whatever your interests are, the NLS has a place for you.

We offer educational meetings, luncheons, organ donor awareness projects, educational programs, events, and people to share your concerns and successes with.  COME....join us!

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