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At The Vanguard School, our teachers are committed to our mission of developing students' character and academic potential, and we have a long track record of success in fulfilling that mission. Your donation will help us provide much-needed support and equipment for our teachers and students!


"The Vanguard School is the best thing that could have happened to me. It has furthered my education beyond all of my expectations. I came from a traditional public school to the rigorous, classical curriculum at Vanguard. I was really behind, but my teachers were so helpful in getting me caught up. Vanguard prepares you amazingly in all aspects of life, and I am truly thankful I had the opportunity to attend here. If your child has the drive to learn and the desire to become competitive in every aspect of life, it would be a mistake not to send them here. It was the best decision my family and I could have ever made." (Former Vanguard student)

"Vanguard is an excellent school! Despite the challenging schoolwork and lessons, my daughter is having the time of her life. The students and teachers are very friendly and the teachers are always ready to help any student. My daughter thinks she's learned more this semester than throughout her whole average junior high career at her previous school. If you're looking for an academically rigorous education for your child, you should definitely look into Vanguard." (Vanguard Parent)

"Amazing school and top-notch education! The staff and leadership are wonderful. The kids learn in a fun way and are pushed to do their best. Vanguard provides a wonderful foundation for learning, as well as places an emphasis on character and excellence. They also still provide recess, PE, art, and music, making special programs a priority! Although we live in a different district that is known for being great, we still choose to send our children to The Vanguard School." (Vanguard Parent)

"It's worth the drive! We live twelve miles away (one way) and after many hours of research and a few tours, we chose Vanguard as the school for our family. When our eldest was in Kindergarten, we were very impressed by what he learned and how fast he learned it. Vanguard teachers are very responsive and open to parental involvement. The campus is always open to parents to come and observe their child/children. I never feel like an outsider in my child's education, but instead as an active partner in teaching him. There is excellent communication between teachers, staff, and parents. Teachers and other staff are always available via email. You can access your child's grades/attendance records online, allowing you to support your child even more in his education. The school and each grade level send out weekly newsletters letting you know what your children are going to be learning the next week and any other items of importance." (Vanguard Parent)

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The Vanguard School

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The Vanguard School, Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy

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