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To spread awareness of love, care and concern among children (and adults) toward the life and education of (physical and spiritual) impoverished people of the world †


TCM Poem by Roger D. King

Giving to others is a way of showing concern and care, with humbleness of heart willing to bear. Being interested enough to ask if things are fine, showing love to all mankind. The attitude of a child is that of having no doubts or fears, remembering the good with the bad, enduring for years. Every child, whether young or old, needs love, to love and with it be bold. Serving others with mercy and grace, being indifferent to the color of another ones face. 

Tolerance and obedience should always be taught, parents guide your children so they can avoid being caught. Being frugal does not mean that you are cheap; remind yourself that some have no home, only the ground as a place to sleep. Showing true emotions is not a sign of being weak, be as a child, show empathy when you speak. Give thanks for the little things in life, and remember those who, it seems, live in continuous strife. © 1995

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