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Today more than ever, we ask for your support for our most vulnerable children and the teachers who serve their literacy needs.  LIVE PC/GIVE PC is a special ask, especially during the COVID-19 crisis when our students and teachers in Park City’s local school districts face challenges in their educational practices.

By supporting The Literacy Project today, you will:

1 – Provide our reading program– FREE OF CHARGE!

2 – Help bridge the “literacy gap” at the 2nd-grade milestone

3 – Help struggling readers master foundational phonetic skills

4 – Increase students’ self-confidence to promote avid readers

5 - Reduce retention loss 

6 – Support our teacher heroes

Make your donation count! Give the gift of literacy and help bring a bright future to a struggling reader. For as little as $4.67 an hour, we can change the reading skill levels of an underachieving student.

 Every student counts, every teacher matters, every donation helps...thank you!

Vision and Mission:

The Literacy Project’s (TLP) mission is to eliminate the literacy gap of emerging, under-served, second graders who are functionally illiterate. Our vision is to remove the impediment of illiteracy from the lives of our most vulnerable children with the help of teachers, volunteers, mentors, and role models. We will strive to foster in our children the life-long love of reading, for it is the doorway to learning and achieving the American Dream. 

Our reading program, unlike any other, will enable children to catch up to their peers by the crucial third-grade literacy milestone and prepare children's literacy skills to "ease into" rather than struggle with the Common Core Standards. Giving the ability to participate in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programming.

Founded in 2009, The Literacy Project’s proven track record has helped more than 10,000 struggling readers gain critical basic phonetic skills and become more self-confident in reading ensuring advancement to third grade with reading level proficiency.


The Literacy Project offers a comprehensive instructional program that improves both academic and attitudinal levels of students performing well below English proficiency standards. The academic segment utilizes The New Phonics Game™, a proprietary reading product that was co-developed by The Regents of the University of California.  The 30-hour program is administered by highly-credentialed Master Teachers. The program is provided at “no-cost” to both the school and at-risk students in the second grade. The program teaches the fundamental principles of phonics and literacy in all three learning modalities—auditory, visual, and tactile—critical to children with varying learning styles. 

The primary advantage of The Literacy Project’s reading program is to focus on helping students augment their classroom instruction by practicing essential reading skills in a unique and stimulating way, thus effectively extending the instructional day to ensure mastery of the English Language. 

Proven Success:

TLP has an astounding proven track record since its inception in 2009. Through strategic pre and post-testing both academic and attitudinal, our program proves significant, measurable growth in phonics, word decoding, word identification, English fluency, and reading which increases self-confidence and self-esteem of reading skills. 

In 2014, an Executive Data Summary by the OrangeCounty Department of Education proved that the program provides success and measurable improvement through both academic and attitudinal aspects. Participants started the program with a reading proficiency level below 25% of their non-participating peers. The program increased the participant’s phonetic skills by an average of 76% and results demonstrated reading proficiency nearly identical to their peers which means TLP’s program succeeded in “bridging their literacy gap.” This is a significant increase when compared to the performance of the comparison group. In some cases, studies show that the participant outscored the control group (non-participant) as much as 129% and an average of 58% recorded a reading proficiency ABOVE their peer group. In 30 hours, the academic improvements per participant were equivalent to seven months of classroom instruction.

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