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Dr. George Papanicolau (who this organization is named in honor of) was a South Florida based research scientist. He discovered that cancer could be detected early enough to cure it more than 60 years ago. His discovery has saved millions of lives and is now the most widely used cancer screening method in the world.

This breakthrough wouldn't have been possible without the support of a small group of courageous women who took action to transform despair into hope. They recognized that scientists (like Dr. Papanicolau) needed money to explore new ideas to fight all types of cancer. Six decades later their noble mission remains unchanged. 

Today, The Pap Corps has 53 chapters and 21,000 members across South Florida who are dedicated to hope. They work year-round to raise money to support cancer research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.  

These early research projects (even the ones that never make it out of the lab) add to the global knowledge of cancer. Our founder's vision is best summed up with a quote by Thomas Edison (1847-1931):  "We haven’t failed. We now know a thousand things that won’t work, so we’re that much closer to finding what will."  

Be as courageous as our founders were! Your one-time or recurring online donation moves us all closer to finding what WILL change the course of cancer prevention and survival. 

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