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Thesecondopinion helps individuals overcome what are frequent barriers to obtaining optimal medical care. By being able to participate in our free second opinion panels medically underserved cancer patients, from rural or vulnerable populations, have the same access to information as those who usually have broader access to medical care.

"The confidence that the panel expressed in the treatment that I am currently receiving will allow me to climb out of the pit of doubts, fears, and despair that I have been stuck in for the past month." Patient 2014

"We just wanted to let you know how amazing thesecondopinion has been for several of our clients.  What a wonderful gift your organization is offering our community. One of the latest clients left me the most refreshing voice mail about how blessed her life was, largely because she made a connection with your organization. Thank you so much"  Cancer CAREpoint

How it works: In-person, multidisciplinary panels of four to seven physicians review patients’ case records, provide unbiased treatment recommendations, and suggest options for symptom management and supplemental support services. Patients and their families are at the very heart of the discussion, taking part in a shared dialogue and asking clarifying questions. Our approach empowers patients by clarifying the diagnosis and treatment options, and providing the analysis behind the physicians recommendations. Whether we agree with the current plan or offer an alternative approach, patients receive the information necessary to move forward and take the best course of action. Our personal, compassionate, and professional interaction with patients and their families is foremost in our process.

Since 1969, we’ve provided free consultations to thousands of adults in California diagnosed with cancer. Today, the heart of our program relies on the volunteer efforts of over seventy board-certified physicians from multiple cancer related specialties. Their diverse experiences in cancer diagnosis and treatment allow us to provide a patient centered and compassionate service not duplicated by any other agency in California.

The Organization is bound by a shared commitment to helping adults diagnosed with cancer understand their disease and treatment options. The Board of Directors and staff work together to maintain financial and programmatic transparency. The volunteer medical specialists, ensure that patients and their families receive the clarity they need to make informed medical decisions, through in-person dialogue.

Looking forward - Charting the future of our organization, our key initiatives include:

Build Capacity- Assess capacity and identify gaps, creating a stronger organization with enhanced resources to better serve the cancer community.

Create Awareness - Increase visibility of the organization to broaden our reach to new cancer patients, volunteers, and donors.

Expand Our Reach - Partner with cancer support organizations to expand our reach to rural and low-income communities.

Develop our Technology and Increase Volunteer Engagement - Expand the volunteer base by offering volunteer physicians the option to participate in Review Panels remotely, via telepresence and/or telemedicine

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