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 Four year old Sabine* suffered from neglect and severe anxiety.  She would bite herself till she bled.  Sabine was eventually removed from her family and placed with a foster family and has since been receiving mental health treatment services from the Wylie Center.  She has weekly visits with a therapist and is now able to thrive in her foster home.


Mara* is a 34 year old mother of four and suffered  from many  issues including insomnia, depression  and eating disorders.  She came to The Wylie Center for help and through mental health therapy,  she learned to employ meditation, and relaxation techniques. The progressive changes in Mara* have been rapid: she now attends a parent group, enjoys Zumba, and has found employment. She is a much happier woman and a better mother to her children.

Sabine*and Mara* (whose names have been changed to protect their identities) represent countless low-income mothers and children dealing with mental health challenges.    As a nation, we focus our brief and stigmatized attention on mental health issues when there is a national tragedy:
Columbine, Oklahoma, and Sandy Hook.  Now LAX.   Fortunately, while most individuals suffering mental health issues never commit such violent acts, mental health continues to be a grave issue in the United States.  According to the California Health Care Foundation almost 17% of adults in California have a mental health need, and about 5% suffer from a serious mental illness.  Worse yet, about 8% of children suffer from a mental illness.

At The Wylie Center we believe every child, mother and family deserves a healthy and happy life free of stigma and pain.  The Wylie Center is making a difference in the Inland Empire by bridging the gap between services and people in need.  These services include: autism intervention, medical therapy, mental health treatment, early intervention, community education and outreach.

We need your help to continue providing these much needed services.  We ask that you join forces with us by donating on Give Big San Bernardino County Day (5/08/14). 

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