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The Thompson-Mason Brain Cancer Foundation was formed after two of our family members passed away after losing their battle with Glioblastoma Multiforme.  Jess Thompson passed away in April of 2012 and Teresa Thompson Mason lost her long fought battle in January of 2014.  It was while we were seeking all treatment options for her that we decided to help people in their honor.  This is her story:  


She was diagnosed in Oct of 2012.  Surgery was performed followed by radiation and chemotherapy.  In Sept of 2013 another tumor was discovered when she went for a routine MRI.  The doctors and surgeons at the University of Kentucky Medical Center told us they could not operate and there was nothing else they could do.  We refused to give in and starting reaching out to the best of best.  After being turned down by several major cancer centers, her son got a call from the doctor we were hoping would help us.  Dr. Andrew Sloan of University Hospital in Cleveland, OH personally contacted us and said he could help.  Help is not a word taken lightly when it comes to GBM.  Help means it may or may not give her more time with us.  Help does not mean it will cure her.  He was very blunt in stating this.  But he was willing to help.  That's all we wanted.  A chance.


After traveling to Cleveland two times for two surgeries it struck us that there were people out there in the same situation.  We were fortunate in that we could afford to take the time off work and pay the expense of traveling, including gas, hotel and food.  But what about families that could not afford it.  What if they didn't seek help because of the financial strain it would cause.  What if their sister, brother, father, mother, son, daughter, wife or husband was not given a chance for help because of the expense it takes to travel back and forth to get the best possible treatment.  That's where we want to offer our help.


We decided that no one should give up hope because they could not afford it.  So how do we help?  We formed a charitable foundation in their honor.  Thompson-Mason Brain Cancer Foundation.  Our main goal is to help low income brain cancer patients and families with the cost of traveling to seek the best medical treatment possible.  We would provide gas cards for fuel purchases, reserve and pay for hotel rooms and make sure that they do not go hungry.  And we are not focusing on Glioblastoma Multiforme patients only.  We want to help all brain cancer patients, with both malignant and benign tumors.


As the foundation grows we would like to provide the following if financially possible.


Aid low income patients in paying medical bills for services provided at cancer treatment facilities.  We would obtain copies of the bills and make payments directly to the institution. 


Provide financial assistance to caregivers of patients that are in the final stages of their battle with cancer.  We realize it would be a tremendous strain on some families to miss the income of the caregiver when they are needed at home full time.


If the treatment being received and condition of the patient allows, we would like to finance a memorable family vacation.  We would handle all aspects of planning the trip.  The only thing that would need to be provided is where and when they want to go.  We would make direct payments for the traveling and lodging expenses and provide pre paid credit cards for meals.


We would eventually like to provide scholarships for children of brain cancer patients that have passed.  Qualifications to meet the criteria will be decided if funding comes available.


You can find out more at and also  


Help us spread the word.  Help us provide a much needed service.  Help us give someone hope.  


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