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The Tibetan Nuns Project supports over 700 Tibetan nuns and 7 nunneries in northern India. Founded in 1987, our mission is to educate and empower nuns of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as teachers and leaders; and to establish, strengthen, and support educational institutions to preserve the Tibetan religion and culture. Learn more at tnp.org

“A donation to this cause benefits beyond helping just the nuns… it benefits the Tibetan culture, it benefits refugees from Tibet, it benefits education for women, it benefits the Buddhist religion and community and all of this spreads like a ripple of compassion for others beyond that community. This is not charity; it is an investment in humanity.” Elen B., donor

By supporting the Tibetan Nuns Project, you are giving hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist nuns in India the opportunity to practice their religion in a safe and empowering environment, at a time when the Tibetan culture and religion is severely under threat. You are opening doors for these dedicated women through education so that they can, for the first time in the history of Tibet, stand alongside men as equals and as teachers and leaders.

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