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The cats who come to Tiger Haven are provided a lifetime sanctuary and permanent home. Our big cats are not sold or given away, and Tiger Haven does not breed the cats or make them work for a living. The cats here enjoy the good life, and they deserve it. Tiger Haven is situated on almost 60 acres of rolling, wooded hillsides in East Tennessee.

Spacious cat enclosures comprise about forty five acres and a perimeter fence surrounds all the enclosures and living quarters.  A roadway runs between enclosures and around the perimeter fence to facilitate feeding, maintenance and security checks. Of course, Tiger Haven facility meets or exceeds regulations set forth by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which are among the most stringent in the nation.

The enclosures are specifically designed for each cat who will live in them. Tigers and lions have room to run and climbing cats have room to climb. Enclosures for any cats other than lions and tigers have roofs to prevent any of our star climbers from climbing out.

In addition, all enclosures have private sun decks and heated dens which are heated in the winter with fiberglass heating pads and heat lamps. There are also gas heaters in each den to use in the event of a power outage. And summertime presents another opportunity for enrichment.  Steel "pools" are placed in enclosures in the summer for cats, such as tigers, who enjoy a quick dip or extended play in water. As if that isn't enough, a large inground pool is in the center of the property where our cats are rotated throughout the summer.

Large enclosures, private decks, safety, security, and plenty to eat.  And, yes, even a private pool.  Tiger Haven truly is a great place for big cats!

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