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Timebanking is about the small acts of caring that people do every day and that add up to something that’s truly big: stronger, happier, more abundant communities.

Our work and passion is to help make that happen.

We spread the word. We provide great timebanking software. We connect people who love and stand up for the five core values. We affirm the achievements of timebanks across the US and around the world.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the most inspired individuals who bring their gifts and passion into their communities through timebanking. Read about A Wealthy Man's discovery.

Everything we do is sustained by the people who are willing to step forward and contribute as they can. 

Last month, timebank coordinators, members, and supporters raised $5,100 to bring new features and improvements for Community Weaver, the timebanking software we provide to help timebanks do their work. It’s a powerful demonstration of our core value, reciprocity. When we help each other, we are truly abundant.

We believe that with each other’s support, we can build the kind of communities that we all want to be part of.

In this time of uncertainty, YOU CAN HELP create communities that are happier, stronger, and more abundant.  It has never been more urgent.

Will you pitch in? Small or big, your contribution will help spread timebanks. Even the price of a cup of coffee would make a difference and bring abundance back into our communities.

Thank you so much for believing in the spirit of timebanking and for helping us build community.


Edgar Cahn and the TimeBanks USA Team


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