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The desert tortoise is one of the most public and least understood animals in Nevada; when an unclaimed tortoise is injured in the wild or in an urban area, there are no pickup services or veterinarian services available to any of these animals.

Under certain circumstances, US Fish and Wildlife will assist with vet bills, but Tortoise Group is the only organization in Nevada that consistently pays for vet services for these animals. Last year, those charges totaled over $14,000. We need support to continue helping unwanted or abandoned tortoises!

And, as we have been doing for over 30 years, Tortoise Group re-homes not only the injured tortoises but pet tortoises that need new homes. There are thousands of captive desert tortoises and hatchlings in Clark County that need homes TODAY! Nevada residents are legally able to adopt a captive desert tortoise as long as they have a backyard that is safe for these gentle and suprisingly friendly reptiles.

Desert Tortoises spend 95% of their life in their burrow -making this the most important part of a backyard habitat.   

Tortoise Group is dedicated to helping this threatened species and our state reptile in a variety of ways. We rely on public support, our strong membership, grants and donations to continue our work for these amazing creatures!

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