Triumph Youth and Adult Community Development Corporation

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Triumph Youth and Adult Community Development (TYAACD) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides community assistance in the following areas:

  • TYAACD's Food Pantry:   We provide food to registered food recipients through weekly distribution on Tuesday and Fridays based on need.
  • Budget Counseling: We provide one on one counseling on how to prepare a basic budget and maintain finances as well as referrals to other non-profits for assistance.
  • A.R.C.H.I.E.: we are an on-call DAT Team member that volunteers emergency help through Red Cross for any disaster relief services.
  • Urban Community Garden: We are producing an urban community garden with bees to provide surrounding communities with access to fresh honey, fruits and vegetables in their own communities.
  • Emergency Food Assistance:  We provide emergency food services based on United Way's 211 Emeregncy Referrals and Walk-ins based on need.
  • Project Share Satellite Office for American Red Cross of Alabama: We interview and screen applicants for Project Share which is  a program that assist Senior Citizens and/or Disabled people who need Utility Assistance.
  • Literacy/GED Preparation: We provide tutoring for GED, ACT, and literacy. Board certified volunteer teachers.
  • Summer Feeding Program: We provide free meals for children ages 5 to 18 during summer.
  • Summer Enrichment Program: We provide tutoring in Math, Reading, and Science during summer months. Volunteer Board Certified Teachers.
  • Healthy Living Cooking:  Cooking classes provide by our health expert that teaches senior citizens how to read and understand nutritional labels.
  • Referral Services: We offer referral to other non-profits to help people in any given situation through other organizations.


Areas covered:  Jefferson County, Shelby County, Bibb County, Southwestern, Southeastern, Alabama, Bessemer, McCalla, Birmingham, Brighton, Midfield, Fairfield, Homewood, Vestivia, Hoover, Jasper, Trussville, Gardendale, Gadsden, Anniston, Talladega, Tuscaloosa, Vance, Cullman, Huntsville, Inverness, Greystone, Alabaster, and more.

United Way 211 Emergency Assistance referrals, American Red Cross Project Share Satellite Office, Tornado Relief Assistance, Disaster Relief, Disaster Relief Volunteers, Underserved Communities, Summer Feeding, Utility Assistance, Summer Enrichment, Senior Citizens, Healthy Cooking Classes, Tutoring, Children, Literacy, Food Pantry, Feeding, Food Bank, Literacy.

Serving Zip Codes: 35020, 35064, 35021, 35228, 35221, 35211, 35208, 35206, 35207, 35209. 35285, 35214, 35212, 35213, 34204, 35202, 35203, 35205, 35206, 35401, 35402, 35403, 35404, 35405, 35216, 35226, 25236, 35233, 35022, 35023, 35224, 35226, 35212, 35213, 25214, 35215, 35216, 35217, 35218, 35219, 35220, 36202, 36203, 36204, 36205, 36206, 35111, 35490 and many more.


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Triumph Youth and Adult Community Development Corporation

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