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Truckin4Troops is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting and serving our wounded service men and women through creating family functions and events (such as bonfires, cookouts, swimming, boating, etc.) to get the wounded and their families out of the hospital for well-needed rehabilitation.  Our goals are to utilize our extremely huge F650 pickup trucks, along with a 15-passenger handicap accessible bus, to transport the wounded veterans and their families to our events or coordinate our efforts with other non-profit organizations inneed of transportation to their events.

We ask that you consider supporting our organization.  Our foundation focuses its funding directly to the local wounded veterans that we are helping during their stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland and other local VA hospitals. Our volunteer-based organization focuses our efforts towards ensuring that ourtroops, military families, wounded warriors and veterans understand our appreciation for the sacrifices they have endured for our freedom today.

We are currently raising funds to purchase a small undeveloped community.  This is being called the Land4Heroes Project. The Land4Heroes Project is a piece of land located in Millersville, Maryland.  The land has been divided into four lots.  The first two homes will be given to two of our very deserving wounded heroes. The other two homes will be owned and maintained by Truckin4Troops, and be used as retreat homes for the wounded heroes.  Many of the wounded vets are at Walter Reed for extended periods of time, some for several years.  The retreat homes will be set up and equipped for wounded vets and their families to come and stay for short periods of time to take a break from the hospital and get some much needed space and down time. 


Our Mission: To support Military Families, Wounded Warriors, and Veterans! To thank them for their service and encourage them to know that fellow Americans are appreciative of what they do to defend our country.

Truckin 4 Troops' Story: In December, 2010, we knew that we wanted to help military servicemen and women and their families in any way that we could. We started with the thought of helping out a military family who was struggling financially and help them with their Christmas gifts. We then started discussing ways to show military families and veterans that we appreciate those who have sacrificed for our country. 

Scott mentioned getting approximately 20 iPod Shuffles to hand out. And Lynne, his wife, said that it wasn't fair to only hand out 20 iPods when there were so many wounded warriors in the hospital. We agreed on a total of 50 iPods and that's where the name "50/50 Shuffle" came from. Each iPod costs $50 and we purchased 50 of them, and they are called iPod Shuffle. Our son informed us that Apple could have them engraved for free. So each iPod was engraved with the words "Thank You for your Service!" Our first order of 50 iPods was then placed.

Scott then thought it would be a great idea to put some patriotic songs on the iPods before delivering them to the soldiers. Alot of time and effort has gone into making sure that the songs we picked were commemorative of our appreciation. As soon as word got out of what we were doing, many of our friends and family wanted to contribute too.

Since then, we are proud to announce that T4T has hand-delivered over 350 iPod Shuffles to Service Members, their families and the Veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC. 

By the way, the Annapolis Apple store is also helping us out by giving us a 5% discount due to the large quantities ordered. Many thanks for their support!

We also wanted to provide transportation for some troops coming home from duty to BWI Airport if they didn't have a ride. We started wondering how we could do it in a "big" way. Our first truck was picked up the week of Jan 24th, 2011. The huge, custom, F650 pickup truck is used in our fundraising and to provide transportation of troops arriving within our region to their home or military installation. A second F650 truck has been purchased because once a small group was not able to be picked up due to only having one truck. Our mission is to increase our fleet of trucks so that no one will ever be left behind again.

We appreciate any support that you can give us!

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