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It was 3:00 a.m. and Pam was planning her escape. She would leave with her children in the morning after her husband left for work. The next morning she anxiously stared at the clock; each minute that passed seemed like eternity. It was now five minutes past the time he usually left and she was growing more and more anxious. Another 10 minutes went by before she saw her husband slowly approaching her. He was holding something; it was her escape bag. He found it. She was instantly frozen with fear. With no words exchanged, he violently threw the bag at her and the physical abuse began. From that day on, Pam was forbidden
to leave the house.

Two weeks later, the neighbors grew suspicious and realized something wasn’t right. They decided to call lawenforcement. The police arrived and removed Pam and her children from the house. Her husband was formally charged as a criminal. Pam was relieved but unsure about her future. She was staying at her sister’s house and remembered a pamphlet she had received. She decided to contact Emerge!.

Pam and her children began attending support groups at one of Emerge!’s community-based sites (for people who need services but not shelter).  A short time later, Pam obtained a job and began healing. With the help of Emerge!, she worked on her dream of having a place for her family to call home.

Pam and her case coordinator worked hard looking for places where she and her children would feel safe. Pam was aware that finding a place of her own might have hurdles but she was well prepared through our new Housing First program. With a lot of hard work and determination, Pam and her children are now in their own apartment. “This is what I have been working towards my whole life: feeling safe, having a home and being the best mother, daughter and sister I can be.” says Pam.  She knows she has a long way to go but believes she can accomplish anything with the support of Emerge!.

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