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Jake was being home-schooled after several failed attempts at different schools, and his parents felt he needed more experience being with kids his own age.  So last summer he came to Rowe Camp for the first time.  Jake has Asperger Syndrome and while he often had trouble connecting with the other campers, and the over-stimulation of the dining hall was hard for him, he stayed for the whole 3 weeks.  At meal times, he wandered around and talked with campers at different tables even when invited to sit and join a group.  When asked about camp he said, "Camp is great! No one bullies me."  And while most Rowe campers see that as a given, for Jake that was HUGE.

Differences come in all varieties: the way your brain is wired; the color of your skin; if you live in the country, the city, or somewhere in between; if your family is part of the working class, middle-class or wealthy; your gender identity; your sexuality; and much more.  Rowe offers a protected, nonjudgmental space where young people are unafraid to relate and connect by learning to interact in caring, thoughtful ways that honor the principles of social justice.  At Rowe, young people learn to appreciate their unique selves and to respect and celebrate their differences.  This leads to a place where Jake and other campers can be themselves without the fear of bullying.

The awareness and consciousness developed at camp through living with a diverse group enters the larger society when our campers return home to their families, friends, schools, and communities--creating a more accepting and loving world.  We invite you to share our vision of hope and love by supporting the Woodside Fund with a donation today.


"The incredible journey of being accepted and discovering yourself is a gift. Summers would be incomplete and two dimensional without Rowe."   -----A Senior High Camper.

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