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Will you imagine reconciliation + resolution + restitution = racial unity (one race) Human race!   

    We foster Unity.  We are not the Black Race or the White Race or the Brown Race, We are the Human Race.

The latest racial massacre occurred in America in 2022.  People's fears are growing and more horrendous crimes against humanity occur. We want to change this now. We want your help.

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change we Seek." (President Barack Obama)


United Action For The Advancement of Humanity is taking action now for racial reconciliation & resolution.  We do this by having active unity agreements as one race-Human. And conducting programs & services that people socialize with The Freedom Remedy. 

The Freedom Remedy is delivered in neighborhoods where people reside to create Human Culture Neighborhoods. 

The results to obtain:

  • Increase racial understanding and trust 
  • Increase self-awareness 
  • Promote unity
  • Increase working together effectively

The Freedom Remedy systematic method designed by Dr. Chisulo Akono Ajanaku is a way of utilizing The Psycho-Social  Science of Humaculture in a process that encourages and guides individuals to discover and reveal internal obstacles,  beliefs, practices, and actions that are limiting, hurtful, or harmful to self and others. The Freedom Remedy also assists individuals in reducing fear, ignorance, hate, and poverty.   Applying the systematic processes of the Freedom  Remedy encourages the construction of new beliefs, actions, and practices that empower the individual towards action for the unity of humanity, racial justice, civic participation, wealth creation, reverence, and acceptance of self and all humanity.  

Our goal for United Action for Advancement of Humanity, Inc. is to be the foundation movement of people to come together in the Love of Humanity, that is Unity- One Race-the Human Race.  

Love of Humanity is demonstrated by conveying unconditional support for all people's well-being, growth, and development.

This includes people coming together to create a Human Culture Community in the City of College Park.  People in a Human Culture Community live this truth and demonstrate the five foundational characteristics. 

The Five Foundational Characteristics of a Human Culture Neighborhood: 

 1. One race neighborhood-We all identified as Human and all our children and grandchildren are human (we drop white, black, or brown and the n-word from our vocabulary as a racial identifying term)

2. We believe and teach: Human beings are the most excellent species. All Humans are essentially equal in every significant way. Humans can think and reflect on our thinking, once reflecting we can imagine, and once we imagine, we can create and innovate.  Humans can go on to solve the greatest problems and create vast amounts of wealth for themselves and others. Most important Humans have the ability and responsibility to research and examine past statements of perceived facts to decide for ourselves whether it is true or false or correct or a lie.  

 3.  We practice, teach and demonstrate reverence for all people. We do this by having a deep devotion to self and others, demonstrated by acts of kindness, gestures of goodwill, and seeking the best for ourselves and others. 

4. We receive guidance and support from the Chief Sister in charge, Sisterhood Leadership Council,  to aid us, empower all people in the community to thrive, and assist parents in rearing children to realize their highest human potential.

5.  We believe that Love is demonstrated by unconditional support for one's well-being, personal growth, and development as a human. Therefore we seek to demonstrate love to all people by providing unconditional support for their well-being, personal growth, and development. We seek to love all people, especially in our community.

The Driving Force

I, Chisulo Akono Ajanaku, Social Scientist, and Principal Agent of United Action for the Advancement of Humanity, Inc.,  have accrued a remedy that will bring about increased racial understanding, Increase self-awareness, Eliminate detest, Promote unity & trust In neighborhoods and cities in America, starting in College Park, Ga.

We will demonstrate the use of the Freedom Remedy and establish Human Culture Neighborhoods. 

We need your support to fund the distribution & implementation of the Freedom Remedy. Also, your assistance will fund our Sisterhood Leadership Council, the UAFAH membership program,  Ambassador Training Program, and the Pedicab Ambassadors for College Park(PAC) project.    Our programs will meet people’s needs, instill the Freedom Remedy and achieve our mission. 

Will you help because as one race “Human” we can thrive together?  

Please make a generous contribution. We very much appreciate your consideration.

 Join us in the Mighty Cause

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