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At United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona (UCP), our name does not tell our entire story. We serve people with cerebral palsy, but we also have compassionate experts who have experience helping children and adults with a wide array of disabilities. Though the scope of our work has changed over the years, our vision remains the same, to help people with disabilities reach their full potential and improve their quality of life and their families. Each unique program at UCP provides the highest quality of care in all stages of life.

Since 1952, we have served as one of the oldest private, non-profit health and human service organizations in Arizona. Every year we impact the life of nearly 3,000 people with disabilities in the community. Our work is reflected by the improved life experiences of each person we touch, presently and for generations to come. Our efforts are guided by the belief that each person has potential gifts and talents to be unlocked. We invite you to contact us if your loved one is experiencing a disability.

The families of the Children of UCP Downtown project live in the downtown and surrounding Phoenix areas and are part of a large, diverse population of young families, just miles away from UCP’s Therapy Clinic. When a family is given the diagnosis that their child has a disability, they are recommended by their doctor to begin therapy. The concern of many families in this area is how can they afford this, how can they get to a clinic and what does therapy mean for their child and family. When a child begins therapy, the caregiver or parent is involved in therapy and not just in the clinic. UCP’s Downtown clinic offers much needed therapies to families living in the area that have a child with a disability or a delay. Prior to UCP’s clinic, families with children who needed physical, occupational, feeding or speech therapy had to drive many miles to the West Valley or East Valley. Before UCP opened their doors on 7th Street and Roosevelt, families did not have many options to receive therapy.

Our clinic has been in this neighborhood since 2016 and we are currently serving 90+ families, and continuing to receive referrals daily from new families. UCP and the surrounding community are continuing to build a strong relationship of trust and understanding with the families and children that we are serving.  Building relationships in a community takes time and resources and in four short years, UCP is not a beacon of hope on the corner of 7th Street and Roosevelt. With COVID-19, the community is facing challenges like none of us have seen before. UCP needs to remain a strong champion for the community. We need the financial support that will help us continue to offer the high quality therapies, while meeting the needs of both the child and the family. 


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