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We all have power to change our communities. And united, that power goes further.

Every child whose life we change will go on to change the lives of countless other children, families and communities. And when we work together — pooling our resources, time and energy —  our community impact grows exponentially to create an equitable future for all. 

Greater Atlanta needs us now more than ever. 

YOU can help more happen.

This past year, thanks to the generosity of donors, we were able to serve more than 300,000 individuals across Greater Atlanta. Including...

  • 90,000 improvements to advance children’s learning skills, meaning...More Pre-K students are prepared for school. More children with special needs and in foster care get extra educational support. More educators and mentors are trained to help children become stronger learners.
  • 19,000 improvements to better prepare youth for college and careers, meaning...More youth succeed academically and are able to advance to the next grade. More youth graduate from high school. More youth apply for college. More college applicants access the funds they need to pay for school.

  • 64,000 improvements to ensure that more individuals and families are stably housed, meaning...More people can avoid homelessness. Fewer children move from school to school because of homelessness. More people access financial counseling, job training and job placement. More individuals can manage their health so it doesn’t jeopardize their finances or employment.

Right now, nearly half a million children in Greater Atlanta live in communities with low or very low child well-being.

Want to change that?

Unite for more and help us make Greater Atlanta a place where every child - regardless of race, identity, circumstances or zip code - can reach their full potential. Let's do MORE, together.


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