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The foundation is founded to (1) promote the excellence of members of USTC, including students, teachers, and alumni in USA and elsewhere; and (2) promote the academic and cultural exchange between USTC and researchers in the US.


a. We offer awards defined in following sections. Depending on the fund availability and circumstances, USTCAF can decide additional criteria for scholarship or award recipients. USTCAF will announce these additional criteria before the application procedure starts. USTCAF will also sponsor awards set up by private groups (see Article IV-5). Any new award or criteria has to be consistent with the USTCAF mission. USTCAF current or retiring leadership within certain years may not be eligible for these awards (see Article III-3(i)).

b. Provide a scholarship to the most outstanding high school graduates in China to attend USTC. The scholarship is named "USTC Alumni Outstanding New Student Award". He/she must fulfill at least one of the following three requirements:

1) scoring within the top one hundred in his/her province on his/her National High-Education Entrance Examination; or

2) being a winner of national/international high school student competition in mathematics, physics, chemistry, or other major academic field, within the last two years of high school education; or

3) scoring within top 5% of all new USTC students in the National High-Education Entrance Examination.

c. Assist USTC to recruit distinguished faculty members. Provide fellowship to bring promising young postdoctoral researchers from the US and other countries to work in USTC.

d. Provide award to people making significant, recognized achievement in promoting scientific exchange programs between USTC and universities in the US and other countries. Provide financial assistance to bring distinguished professor(s) based in the US and other countries to give (series) lectures in USTC, or qualified USTC professor(s) to visit and lecture in USA and other countries.

e. Provide a scholarship to the best graduates of USTC to assist them in going to good graduate schools in the US and other countries.

f. Provide a scholarship to the best college graduates in the US and other countries, excluding those from USTC, to attend USTC for their graduate studies.

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