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Quality of life and independence for people with disabilities is often possible with the use of assistive technology (AT).

AT is any device or modification that helps a person with a disability accomplish everyday tasks, go to school and be successful in the workplace. Braille equipment, hearing devices, wheelchairs, communication devices, and home modifications are just a few.

Assistive technology can be expensive, and isn't always covered by insurance and other means. 

This is where the Utah Assistive Technology Foundation steps in to help with small grants up to $400 to people who are low-income, and low-interest loans up to $50,000 so AT can be purchased. The process is quick so individuals aren't waiting on getting a much-needed device.

In 2013, UATF provided 114 loans, and 36 small grants to Utahns with disabilities to help them integrate into their community and educational settings. 

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