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Conflict in today's world is rampant. The daily news is filled wtih stories of events that disrupt lives: out-of-control rage that results in tragedy, disgruntled workers who lash out in revenge, youth who seek a sense of belonging in gangs that commit atrocities, divorcing parents who leave their children struggling to make sense of their topsy turvey world.

Through mediation, UDR is helping to restore peace to our world one conflict at a time, giving people a forum to address differences and explore resolution options that meet everyone's needs. UDR's training program teaches youth and adults valuable conflict resolution skills that will change the way people deal with conflict in the future.

Mediation is a collaborative process in which people in conflict use the help of an impartial third party who facilitates communication and guides them through a problem solving process. In mediation, the disputing parties retain control over decisions. Consequently, when agreements are reached in mediation, the parties tend to follow through with commitments because they had a hand in creating the agreement. 

Mediation promotes collaboration and helps people in conflict learn more effective ways to address their differences in the moment and in the future. A mediator helps everyone voice the deeper interests and needs that underlie the positions they present. A mediator seeks to understand all perspectives and reinforces the common ground that bridges differences.

UDR oversees several programs, including:

Community Program--helps landlords and tenants, consumers and merchants, and neighbors find collaborative solutions to their differences.

Family Program--helps with issues involving family relationships such as divorce, parentage, probate, elder care, and parent-teen disputes.

Court Program--provides mediation as an option for disputants in small claims matters in numerous justice courts in the state.

Youth Program--includes instruction in conflict resolution and mediation skills for youth. The Youth Program also coordinates mediations using youth mediators who help their peers talk about disagreements.

Training Program--offers public and customized private seminars for anyone interested in developing conflict resolution and mediation skills.

Learn more about UDR's programs through our Web site: www.utahdisputeresolution.org.

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