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30 years ago, Utah Open Lands was the first organization in Summit County to begin protecting open space and possible trail connections.  After three decades, we are celebrating the vision of conservation that resulted in such amazing saves.

  • Our 300-acre Baker Griswold Murdock Peak Preserve is home to Hunter's and a portion of the Mid-Mountain Trail.
  • Our protection of Hi-Ute Ranch provided a home for the Millennial Trail, as well as over 1,400 acres of critical wildlife habitat.
  • The 781-acre Toll Canyon Open Space is critical habitat for moose and was saved because of Utah Open Lands' decades-old relationship with the landowner, the over 400 households that contributed, and the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation Districts.
  • And one of our latest accomplishments--we added over 200 acres to the initial purchase of the 1,341-acre Bonanza Flat Conservation Area just since last year's Live PC Give PC.

With over 25,000 acres protected on the Wasatch Back (and counting!)  Utah Open Lands has come a long way as a community from our first 11-acre preservation at Willow Ranch, which included the first trail easement for the paved Millennial Trail.  North Round Valley Preserve, Quarry Mountain Preserve, Swaner Nature Preserve, Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures, Armstrong Family Thaynes Canyon Scenic and Wildlife Preserve, Kerry and William Melborne Armstrong Heritage Barn Preserve are all Utah Open Lands moments where this organization, with your help, stepped forward to ensure that sense of place that makes Park City, "Park" City.

As we race to save the Albert Kohler Legacy Farm in Midway and actively steward so many of the lands you love, Utah Open Lands has always worked to ensure tomorrow by conserving today. Consider Utah Open Lands this Live PC Give PC season and help us protect these Park City lands that you love!

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