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Utah Animal Adoption Center was founded in 1983, and still today, our mission and purpose is as relevant as ever. The shelter's focus on rescuing animals from overcrowded municipal shelters along the Wasatch Front continues to fill a crucial niche. Your ongoing support of Utah Animal Adoption Center helps us to continue our work to move the state of Utah closer to eliminating the practice of euthanizing companion animals.

What We Do:

  • From 2011 to 2017, 2,461 spay and neuter procedures were performed at our Center, with an average of 29 procedures performed each month.  Because of our spay and neuter program, 19,688 unwanted pets were prevented from entering the shelter system in Utah*

         **Assumes 2 litters/year of 4 babies per litter

  • During this same time period, and with the help of our generous donors and adopters, Utah Animal Adoption Center affected the rescue of 5,588 companion animals and found homes for 98% of those dogs and cats! That is an average rescue and placement of 2 animals a day!
  • We continue to work with over 20 municipal shelters throughout the State of Utah to bring Utah one-step closer to becoming a No-Kill State
  • We have a strong presence within our community through partnerships with local area and statewide organizations including multiple Petco and PetSmart Locations, Downtown Farmer’s Market, Soldier Hollow, Rocky Mountain Raceway and Utah’s Hogle Zoo
  • Chosen recipient of multiple Eagle Scout Projects throughout the year
  • 83% of every dollar donated directly supports our mission

Dog and Cat Adoption Program:

Utah Animal Adoption Center has specific programs and partnerships in place within our Dog and Cat Adoption Program designed to offer low cost adoption rates to all members of the community.  Adoption fees include spay/neuter, vaccinations and a microchip, and are set far below typical veterinary costs for just a spay/neuter procedure.

Senior for a Senior Program:

Because so many families prefer kittens to older cats, Utah Animal Adoption Center started the “Senior for a Senior” Program in 2011, partnering senior citizens with our senior cats, ages 7 years and up, with all fees waived. We also provide a Welcome Home kit at the time of adoption, which includes a bag of food, bowls, bed, litter, and litter box to help the cat settle into his or her new home.

Animal Medical Health Fund Program:

Every animal rescued or accepted by Utah Animal Adoption Center receives a medical evaluation by our staff veterinarian.Each animal is vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed or neutered.  Any additional medical needs are also seen to before the dog or cat is made available for adoption.  This past year approximately half of the pets Utah Animal Adoption Center rescued from municipal shelters required additional medical care such as treatment for infections, broken bones, eye care, and, in some cases, medical surgeries. These additional surgical procedures, which ranged from tooth extractions to limb amputations, were performed on-site in our surgical suite before the animal was placed up for adoption. 

Low Cost Community Vet Clinic:

In 2013 we began offering basic veterinary services to members of our community with one goal in mind: decrease the number of unwanted and abandoned animals while also serving members of our community who want to care for their animals but may not be able to afford basic veterinary care. Current services provided to the community include vaccinations, spay or neuter procedures, dental care, and other medical needs. Our facility is located on the border of Salt Lake County and Davis County, perfectly positioning the Center to serve community members throughout both counties as well as members of the Rose Park Community, a low-income area where the shelter is located.


Utah Animal Adoption Center relies solely on donations from private individuals and foundations. We remain committed to our mission and to working with the many other Utah organizations to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets while also helping members of our community care for their furry best friends!

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