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Our mission is to connect those who can help with people in need.

Mr. Smith dreaded receiving his W-2 in the mail every year never knowing how he would pay for his tax preparation fees. Then he heard about CA$H (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope), a free tax preparation service to families with household incomes less than $50,000. Through CA$H, United Way of Madison County was able to serve Mr. Smith and 616 other families in 2011, bringing $1.3 million dollars in tax refunds to our community.

A lack of dental care and a mouth of carious teeth robbed five-year-old Lily of laughter and smiles. Difficulty eating, low self esteem and a lack of engagement in school were just some effects of her poor dental health when she came to the Bright Smiles program at her school. Bright Smiles is one of many HEALS (Health Establishment in Local Area Schools) programs lead by Connie Carnes that help children in Title One Schools. After four extractions and four baby root canals provided by the program, Lily was given a beautiful new smile and a much improved self esteem through United Way of Madison County’s funding. Her transformation was not a temporary fix. Social workers with the program helped enroll Lily in a public insurance plan. Now all her medical needs, including dental, are being met.  Because of United Way of Madison County, HEALS was able to provide a little girl with a bright smile and future while also setting the foundation for a lifetime of good health.

When Ms. Greene’s son was diagnosed with asthma, she didn’t know how she would pay for his prescription. She didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford the high cost of his inhaler. Through United Way of Madison County, Ms. Greene was able to utilize the FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discount Card which provides a savings of at least 30% at virtually all pharmacies. Ms. Greene learned that FamilyWize is available for everyone and is completely free for those without insurance or for prescriptions not covered by insurance.  United Way of Madison County was able to help Ms. Greene provide her child with the life saving medicine he needs and allow a little boy to breathe on his own.

Imagine waking up one morning and suddenly losing the freedom to walk. Mr. Neil never knew when Multiple Sclerosis (MS) would leave him incapable of navigating his own home without a wheelchair. One day he would be mobile and independent and the next he would be unable to walk; trapped in his own home. Without a wheelchair ramp, Mr. Neil wasn’t able to leave his home for over four months. Mr. Neil received a wheelchair ramp through CASA of Madison County’s Aging in Place-Wheelchair Ramp Services program, a Collaborative Partner Program of United Way of Madison County. In return Mr. Neil’s freedom and independence was restored.

Sexual abuse steals a child’s innocence. Daisy lost her innocence and voice when she was sexually abused by her father at the age of four. Fearful of speaking in public, she took the first step in rediscovering her voice at the age of thirteen by coming forward with her abuse story, despite a lack of support from her family.  Because of United Way of Madison County, the Child Abuse Intervention Program was able to help Daisy receive therapy and she has now rediscovered her voice.

Because of donors like you, each day lives are being changed in our community.  Thank you for choosing to LIVE UNITED!

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