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Mission  The guiding principle that defines the goals of Valley Educational Associates is the belief that all people, regardless of the challenges they face, can effectively perform "real work for real pay" and become valuable members of the workforce.

Company Overview Valley Educational Associates, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C)(3) designated corporation providing work experience and training to the developmentally disabled.

Today, VEA operates four work/training facilities throughout the Pioneer Valley and serves over 90 individuals with disabilities. Individuals are trained and supported to perform paid jobs within the local community as well as in our own work centers.

The individuals served by VEA perform REAL work and are paid REAL wages.

Valley Educational Associates is proud of the fact that it has participated in ten survey and certification reviews with the Office of Quality Enhancement (OQE) within the Office of Quality Management, and has achieved nine consecutive Certifications with Distinction. Few agencies in the state of Massachusetts have been able to equal this outstanding record.

Description Valley Educational Associates, Inc. became incorporated as a not-for-profit agency in 1982 to provide vocational training and employment services to adults with disabilities. Through the years, the agency has expanded from a small, eight-person workshop to its current operation serving over 90 individuals in four separate locations and various community-based jobs throughout Western Massachusetts.

VEA's services can benefit individuals, families, employers and others. For the individual with disabilities, VEA offers the opportunity for individuals to experience a wide array of work options. These options include work in community-based supported employment, agency-owned businesses, and program-based sheltered workshops.

Celebrating Success At VEA, we have worked with a number of consumers who whome we have helped accomplish goals both big and small. An example of such a success is about one of our clients, Adam. I remember my first day on the job, about two years ago; one of the first clients to be put into a restraint that day was Adam. Adam was 24 years old, and had severe ADHD. He was as hyper as they come, and at that time 2 years ago, would never be considered for an SE job. Two years later, after a great deal of patience, knowledge and training, Adam has become a staple employee at BBC, and has acquired another job at South Deerfield Congregational Church. Adam has put a great deal of effort into controlling his ADHD, and with the proper guidance, has truly succeeded. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a client reach his highest potential and highest capability. It is one of the greatest feelings.

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