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Bick had a wound on his foot that would not heal. There was certain amount of blockage in the arteries that brought blood to his foot that prevented the wound from healing. He was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease and had life saving surgery that prevented an amputation from happening.

Virginia was in her early 40s when she started having dizzy spells that would not stop. She was diagnosed with a blocked carothid artery. After a succesful surgery, she highly reduced her chances of having a stroke.

Alane was only 33 and the mother of four when she developed excrutiating pain on her left leg. One of her main leg arteries was blocked. She had bypass surgery. Six months later she needed another surgery, and then seven more, missing her youngest daughter's childhood. 

Mary was 36 and an active biker when all of a sudden she could hardly push the pedal in her bike. Her first surgery was a left femular bypass. She needed five subsequent surgeries before the problem was corrected.

Why did Bick and Virginia heal so fast and need only one surgery? Why did Alane and Mary need several surgeries? What role do biology and genetics play in these outcomes? Can we develop better and more cost effective treatments for patients like Alane and Mary?

These are the types of questions Vascular Cures is trying to answer for the millions of patients diagnosed with vascular disease every year in the US.

Vascular Disease affects the blood vessels, the 100,000 miles of highways that carry vital nutrients to all organs and limbs in the body. Vascular Diseases include stroke, blood clots, aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, and high blood pressure and other conditions that can lead to kidney failure, amputations and death.

More research in needed to find answers to these questions. The cost of repeated surgeries is skyrocketing.  And government funding for medical research is rapidly decreasing.

Vascular Cures:

  • is an independent nonprofit
  • is a trusted third party that invests in groundbreaking research
  • leverages collaboration to accelerate results
  • partners with healthcare organizations and biopharmaceutical companies to work together through out the reserach and development process.

Help us find better treatments and improve the lives of the millions of patients with Vascular Disease.

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