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The mission of Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania is to provide essential housing, employment, and vital support services to eligible local Veterans, service members, and their families with the goal of improving their self-sufficiency, sustainability, and quality of life.


The Beginning

1982:  Mills were closing.  Manufacturing jobs were disappearing.  Many Veterans were out of work and out of hope.  At this time, a group of Vietnam Veterans gathered and created a job placement and training program for their peers who were displaced in the changing economy.  They called it Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program.

Today:  Vietnam Veterans continue to to rely on the program, as do many Veterans who served in the U.S. miltary – whether during peacetime or military conflicts.  In fact, Southwestern Pennsylvania is home to more than 260,000 Veterans and their families (including 8,000 children), one of the largest concentrations of Veterans in the United States.

The Need Continues:

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been the longest period of war in U.S. history.  During this war, there has been an unprecedented use of National Guard and Reserve troops, and an unprecedented number of deployments for extended periods of time.  Troops are returning from these conflicts after experiencing polytrauma,  meaning multiple traumatic injuries.  With more troops expected to return from deployment, and because of expected troop reductions, Veterans Leadership Program expects to experience an even greater demand for services.

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