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Victory Programs opens doors to recovery, hope and community to individuals and families facing homelessness, addiction, or other chronic illnesses.


Victory Programs serves more than 700 clients annually, from all backgrounds and cultural traditions. Since our clients have diverse needs, we offer an array of services. We offer short-term intensive treatment for those who are early in the recovery process from alcohol and drug use; residential recovery services for those who are in recovery and rebuilding family and community ties, and are working or in education; housing services for the majority of our clients, who are homeless; and supportive case management and wellness services for those who suffer from chronic illness. For more than thirty years we have demonstrated success in neighborhood-based, urban programming. We specialize in caring for the most difficult-to-serve people, for example those without homes or who suffer from debilitating conditions, because those are the people who are often turned away by other services. Because we charge ourselves to serve those who cannot find help elsewhere, we have been the first to recognize and respond to many emerging health issues in Greater Boston. We admitted our first client with AIDS in 1985, and have continued by serving clients with Hepatitis C and those battling crystal methamphetamine. Today, we are poised to accept those men and women returning from the Iraq war, who come to us for care in a time of personal crisis in the same way that those returning from Vietnam did in the seventies. We believe that traditional models of care have been a disincentive for women with children, because they have had to choose between getting better and keeping their families whole. That is why we have worked to provide new models of care, where women bring their children, and families can work together to overcome their challenges. In all of our programs, we support our clients who wish to rebuild their family ties. As part of their care, and working with experienced counselors, clients set their own goals. Client goals may range from getting custody of a child, to securing permanent housing, to improving self-esteem, to taking care of dental problems. This practice, which is based on evidence gathered from clinical studies, empowers clients to become fully invested in their own care. Victory Programs is committed to providing the supports that our clients need to drive their own achievements, because studies show that victories won in this way are more likely to be sustained.

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