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The NRA calls the Violence Policy Center “the most effective…anti-gun rabble rouser in Washington.”  And each and every day we work to live up to that description. 

Founded in 1988 by Executive Director Josh Sugarmann, a native of Newtown, Connecticut, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) is a national gun violence prevention organization that approaches gun violence as a broad-based public health, as opposed to solely a crime, issue and works to prevent the full range of gun death and injury that afflicts our nation: homicides, suicides, and fatal unintentional shootings.

Guns are the only consumer product sold in America not regulated by a federal agency for health and safety. In fact, toy guns have to meet federal health and safety regulations, but real guns do not! The result? An out-of-control gun industry that manufactures and markets increasingly lethal firearms with no regard for the real-world public safety impact of their actions. And now, following a trail blazed by the tobacco industry, the NRA and its financial patrons in the gun industry are even targeting children as young as grade-school age as future customers. The VPC is the leader in looking behind the gun store counter to the rogue industry that manufactures and markets these increasingly lethal consumer products.

Each year, guns claim more than 38,000 live in the United States. Through original, real-world research that provides the foundation for public and policymaker education campaigns with clear and effective policy goals, the Violence Policy Center works to inform and engage Americans in active support of a sane and effective national gun policy.

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