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Mission: To redefine education for underserved elementary aged boys through understanding, innovative academics and spirited character and social development.

Purpose: Visible Men Academy (VMA) is not the first to embrace education as a solution, but we are among the few whose answer involves educating and inspiring ALL stakeholders, creating partnerships that make education a collective responsibility and the foundation of understanding, inclusion and justice.  Bold, innovative approaches transform the lives of students, families and communities.  Founded in 2013, VMA is located in Bradenton, Florida and currently serves 100 boys primarily from Manatee and Sarasota Counties.  Our culture is defined by an unwavering commitment to setting boys from lower-income communities (96% live at or below the poverty line and 6% are homeless) on a path toward lifelong achievement.  More than young males, our Visible Men are "Suns" who SHINE with Selflessness, Honesty, Integrity, Niceness and Excellence.   While enhancing the performance of its students, VMA is also implementing methods and practices that are sustainable and scalable nationally, each designed to empower preparation, access and success.

While the pandemic has wreaked havoc on our country’s economic, social, educational and emotional well-being, it has had an inordinate impact on underserved, fragile populations.  A 2021 McKinsey & Company report highlights the academic and developmental devastation experienced by the children of those populations:

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an especially heavy toll on Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous communities. Along with robbing them of lives and livelihoods, school shutdowns could deny students from these communities the opportunity to get the education they need to build a brighter future.   School systems were understandably overwhelmed and unequipped to respond when COVID-19 began rapidly spreading in the spring. The US education ecosystem is built around an in-class experience, from technology investments in school-level broadband internet and devices to curriculum design and how teachers are trained. In many communities, schools are also the hub for supports such as school meals, mental-health counseling, and childcare. In many homes, especially for low-income families, students lack access to the internet, devices, and a dedicated, quiet place to study.

VMA Suns have experienced precipitous declines in Math, Science and ELA grades and scores characterized by a combined average drop of 127%. To address this challenge and help students return to pre-pandemic academic and behavioral performance levels, VMA leadership has developed the Learning Loss Recovery plan; strategies and actions designed to provide Suns, their families and communities with the tools and direction to recover and succeed.  Details are contained in Project Description attachment. The Suns SHINE Learning Loss Recovery Initiative is another example of VMA's commitment to a holistic approach to each student's success.

VMA leadership has developed the Learning Loss Recovery Initiative; strategies and actions – with particular focus on Eureka Math and Project Visible - designed to provide Suns, their families and communities with the tools and direction to recover and succeed:

  1. Curriculum 
    1. Great Minds Curriculum Adoption (ELA/Math)
    2. Eureka Math
    3. Dedicated Resources for students below grade level (Math, Phonics, Reading) 
    4. STEAM Programming to address Math Skills, analytical & critical thinking skills, Non-fiction literacy skills (Science Teacher for K-4, Science Remediation Teacher for 5th FSA, digital literacy)
  2. Staffing 
    1. Dedicated Resource Teacher serving lowest 25 students in Grades K-5 (3-5 times per week)
    2. Dedicated Teacher to English as a Second Language instruction & Gifted Programming 
    3. Strauss Literacy Initiative providing Parent Literacy Support Teacher Reading Professional Development (K-2)
    4. Performance Evaluation each quarter on teachers and staff 
  3. Data Measurement 
    1. Weekly Teacher Meetings to discuss lesson plans, Great Minds implementation, data
    2. MTSS meetings are scheduled every 3 weeks (grade level academic and behavioral data review and planning). Report outs for each session
    3. iReady Testing Windows (9.10, 1.21, 5.20) and monthly progress monitoring (Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar, Apr)
  4. Other Initiatives
    1.  Project Visible – an innovative mentoring, tutoring and support targeting students and parents.

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